Tuesday - Sunday Lunch
12.00 - 2.00pm

Tuesday - Saturday Evening
6.00 - 8.30pm

Open for group booking at anytime

Our Food Ethos

We strongly believe in knowing and caring where your food has come from and the manner in which it has been produced.

Our local suppliers share our views and have been selected for the quality of their produce and the traditional way in which it has been prepared.

The mild South West weather means that cattle and sheep can remain outdoors feeding on fresh grass for most of the year.

All of our beef, pork and lamb is outdoor reared. The meat is then hung in the traditional way without the use of chemicals. This produces a firmer texture and a greater depth of taste.

Our Chicken and Duck is slow reared without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Naturally slow reared animals, no chemical additives and a great taste.

Our fish and shellfish is caught using sustainable fishing methods and sourced from West Country harbours. We only select fish that is plentiful and in season.

We have planted our own fruit, herbs and vegetables to supplement the lovely produce available from our local suppliers. We are keen and experienced foragers and hedgerow herbs, fruits and fungi will also feature on our menu.

Our menu changes daily to reflect the availability of fresh seasonal produce.

We are Taste of the West members and are proud to support our local food producers.

Our Menus

Our lunch and evening menu changes daily to reflect the availability of the lovely fresh seasonal produce that the West Country has to offer.
All menus include a balanced selection of meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes, including Sunday lunch.

On Sunday we also offer an additional choice of traditional roasts. These are prepared to order by our chefs and served to you at your table.
As all of our food is freshly prepared we are able to adapt dishes to allow for many special dietary requirements or food intolerences.

Please note the menus below are just a sample of what we offer and change daily.

New Menus coming soon...




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